Liverpool Street / Aldgate Chiropractic Clinic

(hosting the Shoreditch Chiropractor)

Initial Consultation (45minutes-1hour) £85

Follow up treatment (20minutes) £60

Hammersmith Chiropractor (aka Octagon Chiropractic Clinic)

Initial Consultation (45minutes-1hour) £85

Follow up treatment (20 minutes) £50

Please call 020 8563 2608 for more information on booking here.



Initial Consultation

The initial consultation consists of a thorough review of your presenting complaint, previous episodes, related health matters and a general health review. A treatment strategy and expectations will be presented to you in an entirely understandable manner and your consent will be required prior to proceeding.

You will then receive a specifically tailored treatment for your complaint. Appointments can be booked in with the Shoreditch chiropractor (located between Liverpool Street / Aldgate + Shoreditch). Alternatively treatment with Karen can be booked at Octagon Chiropractic Clinic (near Chiswick W6).


Follow up Treatments

Your first follow-up consultations will include a review of developments since your initial consultation. A chiropractic treatment will include some or all of the following, soft-tissue techniques, spinal or extremity mobilisation/manipulation, traction and taping, advice regarding work and leisure activities and further expectations from you and the chiropractor. Exercises will also be introduced when appropriate.

Free Treatment for War VeteransHand-for-heroes-logo-no-free-smll

KH Chiropractic located between Liverpool Street / Aldgate and Shoreditch is a supporter of Hands for Heroes’ – A Help the Heroes initiative established to provide free chiropractic care for War Veterans who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq by our Shoreditch chiropractor.

To sign up and find out how Hands for Heroes Chiropractors can help you please click here.

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