Chiropractor saves the day for the Easter Bunny – Includes Top DIY and Gardening Tips

Easter weekend is a time to relax, catch up with friends and family or tackle those DIY projects around the house and garden (weather permitting). We’ve got some top tips for gardening, or DIY whatever the weather.

Don’t make the mistake the Easter Bunny did this year! While busy over-reaching from a step ladder she slipped, twisted her ankle and landed on her lower back.

Don’t fear though she knew KH Chiropractic & Sports Massage Aldgate could help and popped in for treatment on her sprained ankle and lower back; confidently hoping off to fulfil her Easter duties, Phew!

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Top DIY and Gardening Tips:-

In the sunshine…..


In the rain…..

DIY (Do it yourself)

Should you have any mishaps this Easter and want to find out if chiropractic is suitable for you, why not give KH Chiropractic & Sports Massage Aldgate a call on 0203 633 0565, email or read more at