3 reasons why you should be using a footrest

When it comes to workstation assessments many people forget their feet. If your feet and legs aren’t properly supported you could end up in pain – Here are top reasons we think you could benefit from a footrest: 

  • Increasing your comfort levels

  • Helps maintain good posture

  • Reduces the risk of injury 

Great for shorter people

While there are chairs and desks specifically designed for the more petite user, a foot rest can be more subtle in an office environment, not to mention cheaper. To get the most out of your ergonomic chair, your feet need to be flat on the floor, not always possible when your desk is as low as it can go. By using a footrest, feet can be placed flat, allowing their weight to distribute properly.

Everyone can benefit 

You don’t have to be short to benefit from a footrest. Footrests can help: 

  • Reduce the pressure on your legs 
  • Relieve pressure on your lower back.  

Some chairs exert extra pressure on the back of your legs (particularly those without a ‘waterfall edge’ (curved edge). Many people find while sitting in chairs without this detail a foot rests increases comfort. 

So many people work from home or coffee shops at poor workstations. Although we don’t condone working from poor workstation setups, such as dining tables or sofa, we are aware many of you do it. In this instance foot stool can also help reduce the chance of damage.

They’re comfortable 

The biggest benefit is they are more comfortable than resting your feet on the floor.

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